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Welcome to

Little Humble Hearts Christian Academy

Where the Heart of Learning Begins!



Our infant care teachers have specialized training to ensure that they are not only providing excellent childcare but are also beginning the learning process that will allow each baby to begin to observe his/her surroundings, to retain information he/she gains from his/her experiences, and to form attachments with others.


The toddler age group is a diverse one and each child is different.  We recognized and encourage these differences, and our toddler care teachers use a variety of strategies that include following a daily routine that is consistent yet flexible.


Preschool is the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of a young child. Our days are filled with. variety of learning opportunities that become the building blocks for each child's preparation fro kindergarten. At Little Humble Hearts Christian Academy, we focus on cognitive development and personal development skills, as well as developing social skills and developing a desire for learning in each child.


Before & After School Program 

Our Before & After School Program is provided for all K-6th grade students.  The program staff is committed to providing every child with interactive, highly engaging activities to meet the needs of the whole child and create positive creative learning environments.

Our Approach

Little Humble Hearts Christian Academy provides a high-quality educational experience in a nurturing Christian environment.  Our program is designed to promote and capitalize on a child's natural love for learning by providing developmentally appropriate activities that involve discovery, experimentation, peer interaction, and active learning. Our goal is to prepare children to succeed and become lifelong learners.

What Parents Think

“I felt secure and knew my daughter felt loved and secure when being dropped off at Little Humble Hearts Christian Academy. I saw the social growth in my daughter each day I would pick her up. The facility is clean, spacious, and filled with happiness."

Mya's Mom

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